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Polska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Budownictwa Stowarzyszenie Producentów Stolarki Budowlanej Izba Budownictwa z siedzibą w Katowicach Izba Gospodarki Eksporterów i Importerów
Polish Building Engineering Industrial - Trade Chamber Association of the Building Woodwork Producers Building Engineering Chamber with the headquarters in Katowice Chamber of Exporters and Importers Management
Stowarzyszenie Współpracy Polska Wschód Rzemiosło Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budowniczych Domów Związek producentów, dostawców i dystrybutorów
Association Poland - East Co-operation Craftsmanship Polish Association of House Builders The Association of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors
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Wooden "S"-class windows and doors of the "Milewski" Company have gained recognition of many investors, they provide elegance to the public buildings, splendour to the private houses and flats, and beauty to every interior.

Muzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie
Muzeum - Pałac w WilanowieMuzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie
Muzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie Muzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie
Muzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie Muzeum - Pałac w Wilanowie

The reference list of the company products is very long. To prove its prestige the "Milewski" Company represented Poland in the opening woodwork during the European Residential and Building Engineering Exhibition Bo01 - The City of the Future in Malmц, Sweden Expo 2001, and it became the prize-winner.

Polish House - Malmц, Sweden

DOM POLSKI - Malmц, Szwecja

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The "Milewski" Company is the authority in the range of the woodwork both in Poland and in Europe. It is present in Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain. Out trumps are durability, and beauty of the produced woodwork. The "Milewski" Company takes part in all Polish fairs and also in the biggest European fairs and it receives wide recognition and many prizes everywhere.

Today it is difficult to imagine a beautiful and comfortable house without beautiful, practical, tight windows and doors.



The perfection of the constructions, digitally controlled production process, the latest technology, durability and reliability, this is what the "Milewski" Company gives its customers. And it represents the leitmotif: "The highest quality in Polish Building Engineering ".


Kamienica 1893r. - Bielsko-Biała

Apartment-house 1893 - Bielsko-Biała

Hotel Senacki - Kraków

Senate Hotel - Kraków

Papieski Wydział Teologiczny we Wrocławiu

Papal Theological Department in Wroclaw