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Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
The window frame of three-layer glued wood (in a 24x24x24 system) has Technical Approval no. AT-15-2948/98. Pine, meratni-mahogany, oak or cedar wood to choose from.
NOTE: All wood is segregated, selected and processed on our own sawmills!
Low-emission window pane U-1,1 W/m2K with warm frame in the window colour, instead of the cold aluminium frame used in the Soft-line windows, which perfectly match the whole and , at the same time, eliminates frost penetration, white frosting and fogginess in the lower window pane parts.
The Roto NT envelope ferrule (Easier ferrule operation through the interlocking rollers, operation reliability and corrosion resistance, a new look and a swing stabilizer as standard).
Additionally 3 anti-burglar points.
Handle interlock (blocking the window wing against falling out).
Styled handles: Hoppe Secustik - is a new generation of window handles, incomparably better in terms of looks, material and technical parameters. The Secustic handle is an anti-burglar window handle with a locking mechanism that gives you a feeling of security, made of a primary aluminium alloy, with a third dimension added to enhance its attractiveness.
Two seals (an undercut and a rebate one) of Q-LON type by Schlegel, assure the greatest possible acoustic insulation (Rw=45-47dB), made of polyurethane foam which, in contrast to rubber seals, prevents the window wing from adhering to the window frame. Resistant to ageing, very flexible, also at extremely low temperatures.
Thermal drip cap made of aluminium, with an elastic fin on the window frame.
NOTE! It is screwed on, not driven in! Supplied by ALURON, enhances thermal insulation. This method of fixing guarantees the security of connection, as well as the rigidity and tightness of the whole structure. Dismantling of the drip cap, if needed, does not cause any interference and has no affect on window durability. The most important advantages include: simple assembly, ease of dismantling, a modern design, full soft-line, the largest XXL-size water chamber, and a unique cap ovalness.
NOTE! This is the way drip caps are mounted by the best European window manufacturers!
Micro-ventilation (crack-opening of the window producing a gap of up to 5 mm between the window wing and the frame).
Acrylic paints supplied by Sikkens, guarantee the highest quality, hardly rivaled across Europe. These are environmentally-friendly products, excellently exposing the values of wood through a silky-shine, glossy transparency of the coating. Applied in a four-coat system of painting, they perfectly and durably protect the wooden surfaces.
Window pane silicone sealant supplied by Wacker or Dow-Corning. The state-of-the-art neutral (acetate-free) alcohol-based silicone with a considerably prolonged ageing period. Contains a fungicidal agent (10 years of guaranty).
Okna S-Klasa
Okno Harmonijkowe Okno Barok Okno Gotyk Okno Neogotyk


Okno S-Klasa
The "Milewski" firm, as Poland's sole window manufacturer, is the originator of a new generation of window profiles, "S"-Class. The system is distinguished, above all, by the reinforcement of the wing and frame profile achieved by joining the pins at an angle of 45°, which increases structure stability by 3 times, prolongs the durability of the frames and enhances their warping resistance (unlike the Soft-line profile, where the pins are joined at an angle of 12°). The window edges are bent in three planes in an "S" shape with a radius of 3xR=10mm. The full protection of "S"-Class profiles effectively reduces friction resistance, increasing the durability of the paint coating by 3 times compared with the Soft-line profile. Thanks to this profile, the painting of the "S"-Class windows is more accurate (in undercuts and on the edges on outer profiles, the paint coating is three times thicker (approx. 100 µm) than in Soft-line windows, the rounded edges are more resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage and are resistant to adverse weather conditions.