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You are welcome to our company headquarters.

We will willingly answer all of your questions. Our employees are at your disposal. We are also present in the whole Poland, and we have trade offices, and we also reach foreign markets, such as Germany, Russia, Sweden, Holland and Great Britain.

Milewski Sp. z o.o.
42-265 Dąbrowa Zielona
Olbrachcice 127
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phone/fax: +48 (34) 354-83-12
phone: +48 (34) 354-83-11
Mobile: +48 506 144 676

Salon Firmowy - Warszawa:
ul. Bartycka 26
PAWILON 16A (Ipiętro)
00-716 Warszawa

Nr KRS: 0000241036
Sąd Rejonowy w Częstochowie, XVII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
Kapitał Zakładowy: 210.000,00PLN -- w całości wpłacony
NIP: PL 9491941922;
IDS: 240111759*

Jurajski Bank Spółdzielczy w Niegowie O/Przyrów
07 8281 1066 2006 6000 1559 0001*


The "Milewski" firm, as Poland's sole window manufacturer, is the originator of a new generation of window profiles, "S"-Class. The system is distinguished, above all, by the reinforcement of the wing and frame profile achieved by joining the pins at an angle of 45°, which increases structure stability by 3 times, prolongs the durability of the frames and enhances their warping resistance (unlike the Soft-line profile, where the pins are joined at an angle of 12°). The window edges are bent in three planes in an "S" shape with a radius of 3xR=10mm. The full protection of "S"-Class profiles effectively reduces friction resistance, increasing the durability of the paint coating by 3 times compared with the Soft-line profile.