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Okna Milewski
So standing in the window of the Judge's manor, Tadeusz was absorbing the landscape of his childhood in a manner described masterly and fluently by Adam Mickiewicz in his national epos "Pan Tadeusz" ("Sir Tadeusz").
The windows of those Polish manor houses, overlooking orchards and parks soughing and full of mysterious charms! We long for those idyllic landscapes, depictions and events, and homesteads, where everything had its history, covered with a patina of years, with touches and looks congealed on them.
Albeit, not all has passed and remained solely in the pages of books. The firm "Milewski" combines modernity with the fondness of tradition. Situated in a natural, rural & forest environment at Olbrachcice - Dąbrowa Zielona in ¦ląskie Province, the firm "Milewski" is the manufacturer of pine and mahogany wood windows and doors of the world's highest class.
The best wood sorts, subjected to technological processing according to the latest standards, are a guarantee for the products of Class S. Only few firms in Europe can boast this mark, being the symbol of quality. And the windows manufactured at Olbrachcice, where several hundred years-old trees are soughing, include all which is the most perfect in the window technology on the Old Continent.
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