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Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski

Imagination and dreams were the basis of the human creativity. This thought is also a important for the "Milewski" Company, in which innovation together with the modern technology and care for details result in the elegant design, thanks to which our customers have a chance to express their dreams through our products.

Drzwi zewnętrzne antywłamaniowe
Drzwi zewnętrzne antywłamaniowe - Model 1 Drzwi zewnętrzne antywłamaniowe - Model 2 Drzwi zewnętrzne antywłamaniowe - Model 3 Drzwi zewnętrzne antywłamaniowe - Model 4

At the customer request, the "Milewski" Company executes individual designs, which are accompanied by the unique products: sculpture, ageing of the paint surface, ornament glass, stained glass, frosted glass, canting glass, polished, and decorated glass!

Realizacje projektów indywidualnych
Realizacje projektów indywidualnych - Elegant Realizacje projektów indywidualnych - Exclusive Realizacje projektów indywidualnych - Milewski I Realizacje projektów indywidualnych - Prestige


Drzwi zewnętrzne
New systems of "S"-Class door profiles!

» Door structure based on a door profile, made of three-layer glued 70mm thick wood.

» Door profiles reinforced by joining the pins at an angle of 45° (provide stability to the structure and enhance door frame durability and warping resistance).

» 20mm-wide strip-type multi-point interlocking lock with a 29mm-wide striker strip (supplied by renown Western companies).

» HOPPE handles furnished with an anti-drill plate.

» Either aluminium or wooden threshold.

» In the case of glazing, a safety glass panel of P4 or higher class.

» Two Q-LON polyurethane seals by Schlegel of Germany (sunk into the profile along the whole window wing and frame perimeter, easy replaceable, provides a very good thermal and acoustic insulation).

» Door surface protected by wood preservation and painting with Sikkens paints relying on the state-of-the-art technology assuring long-lasting protection to wooden door.