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Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
Okna firmy Milewski
The "Milewski" firm offers products in two structural versions:

1. "S"-Class internal rebate wooden doors with the adjustable door frame for easy adaptation to the wall thickness, while eliminating any imperfections of the reveal. In addition to its purely constructional values, the adjustable door frame with its gentle, rounded shapes, is conspicuous by its "softness" and solidity which impart the decorating character to the door and make it to harmonize with the interior.
The "S"-Class door wing is free from the drawbacks of joining two structural elements, by changing the wing profile in a manner that allows the strip with a so called "lock" to overlap the wing stile flush with its surface.
The door wing and frame profiles are reinforced by joining the pins at an angle of 45°, which gives the structure three times as high stability as normally, and prolongs the durability of the stiles and increases their warping resistance.
2. "S"-Class internal rebate-free wooden doors with the adjusted door frame mean the full comfort and aesthetics of the product. The use of the new, adjustable SFS Sassba (hidden) hinges, mounted in sockets milled in the window frame wing (a carrying capacity of up to 60 kg), assure a steadfast, long-lasting and proper operation.
Drzwi wewnętrzne drewniane S-Klasa
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Either modern of traditional style, virtually any colours, dimensions and designs to suit your needs.
Wooden doors made of pine or mahogany (meranti) wood will never meet their equal rivals among products made of other materials as far as elegance and usage values are concerned. For wood, as a natural and beautiful material that, at the same time, has the best thermal insulation properties, will create in your home a unique, warm climate, while contributing to the stylish elegance to your environment.